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Let Glengarry help! Not only are we farm lending experts, but we are broker experts too. Glengarry is Canada’s first alternative agricultural lender directly connected to the broker channel, providing short-term borrowing solutions to Canadian farmers. 


Because we understand your business, we prioritize your needs and those of your clients. From our secure document portal to your dedicated underwriter, we get your approvals done quickly with less back-and-forth.  

If you’re new to farm lending, Glengarry has a simple, yet comprehensive lending program to help you place farm deals regardless of your experience. Our supportive Deal Run desk will guide you through the application process as little or as much as you like. The collaborative approach we take with our broker partners is unparalleled, so we are confident you’ll be an ag lending expert in no time, providing advice and solutions to the farmers who count on your expertise the most. If you’re an experienced commercial broker, you’ll love our commercial submission portal, common-sense DSCR policy, and more. 

Reach out below for more information and to gain access to our resource-rich broker portal, where you’ll find a quick reference kit, checklists and more. Let's make it work!


Glengarry is the first Canadian institutional alternative lender in agriculture 


Term sheets issued quickly, rush funding available


Our submission process is clear and simple 


Communicate directly and easily with our lending team 


Using a common-sense approach to lending by focusing on assets vs. ratios 


Existing farms  | Farmland and building purchases | Debt consolidation  

Partner/shareholder/spousal buyouts | Bridge loans 

Exclusions: Hobby farms | Equestrian properties | Country residential | Development land

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If you are a mortgage professional and new to Glengarry, please reach out to to request a password to the broker portal.

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