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The Glengarry team are experts in the agricultural lending sector and are supported by an external management team and advisory board comprising seasoned industry and finance professionals.


Tara Sterken Glengarry Farm Finance
Ric Luimes Glengarry Farm Finance

Business Development Manager

Chief Risk Officer

Tara brings 15+ years of lending experience to the Glengarry family. Having worked in a ‘big 5’ bank, a credit union and in the broker space, she understands the limitations of institutional lending when it comes to agriculture.


Tara owns and operates a small livestock farm in Southwestern Ontario and is an active 4-H leader in her community. Her passion for agriculture, finance and real estate all come together to provide an educational and supportive approach to business development. Tara is also a licensed mortgage broker.

Ric grew up on a farm, studied agriculture and business after high school, and has worked in agriculture and agri-business his entire career. He adds a strong knowledge base in Western Canadian agriculture to the team and has experience in agronomics, commodities trading, and farmland investment.


In addition to his role with Glengarry Farm Finance, Ric and his brother farm 14,000 acres near Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Addison Smith Glengarry Farm Finance

Credit Analyst

Addison joined Glengarry Farm Finance as an agricultural credit analyst from a Big 5 bank where she also worked in agricultural lending. She grew up in the farming community of Stratford, Ontario on a hobby farm. Her passion for agriculture began in her early years but specifically while working on a large hog farm throughout university.


Addison has both hands-on and lending experience in the agricultural industry, allowing her to comprehend the day-to-day operations of farmers, and providing expert credit analysis and a solution-finding focus to her underwriting. She is also a licensed level 2 mortgage agent.

Karina Mujevirova Glengarry Farm Finance

Funding Specialist

Karina’s experience spans 16 years in commercial real estate and agriculture loan funding with a sharp focus on legal administration.


Having spent the majority of her career at both a private lender and an Alberta credit union, she has developed a deep understanding of credit products, policies, procedures, and collateral security. Karina brings high levels of funding expertise and administrative counsel to the Glengarry team.



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