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Glengarry Farm Finance Joins CMBA Ontario

As the Glengarry Farm Finance team capped off 2021 and began to look ahead at 2022, we identified several key goals to guide our mission of providing unique financing solutions to Canada’s farmers. One key goal to make this happen: grow our network of partners. It’s important for us to align with brokers, lenders, and other industry professionals who share our vision for the future of Canadian agricultural lending. Our network helps to connect us with more farmers who can benefit from the mortgage financing we provide. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our membership with the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association (CMBA) Ontario.

As the first institutional private agricultural lender in Canada, our membership with the CMBA allows us to introduce our unique financial solutions to prospective new partners who share our belief in the integrity of Canadian agriculture. We know we have the potential to open a new channel of opportunity for brokers looking to broaden their offerings.

Alternative financing for farms is a market that has long gone underserviced by conventional lenders in Canada—who often need to maintain stricter guidelines when it comes to lending. Our forward-looking outlook focuses on a farm’s asset value and income potential. This allows us to offer financing options on higher-risk loans that conventional lenders might not be able to consider. By providing access to a largely untapped market, we believe in the value we can provide our partners—and the solutions we can jointly provide our clients when we work together.

As the first of our kind in Canada, we can’t overstate the importance of building solid relationships with our network of brokers, agents, and other industry professionals. While we’re thankful for the virtual introductions and relationships we’ve built since we first began changing the landscape for agricultural lending in 2021, we’re grateful for the opportunity to strengthen those relationships online and offline as we move into 2022.

Glengarry Farm Finance will be hosting a booth at the CMBA’s upcoming Cambridge symposium on Thursday, February 24. We’re looking forward to this offline event as a chance to meet new potential partners and to re-connect with our existing network of brokers, lenders, and other industry friends. Tara Sterken, Glengarry’s BDM, will be hosting the booth and is looking forward to connecting with future and current partners alike:

“I learn a lot from our partners since their roles are always client-facing. Often, their questions and suggestions are very valuable to us since we can use them to understand how we can be a better lender for them. I am all about being a present and supportive BDM as we navigate this partnership together. A strong broker with strong BDMs behind them is a successful broker.”

Glengarry Farm Finance’s membership in the CMBA is the next step of many in achieving our mission to provide adaptable and fair financing solutions to Canada’s farmers. We look forward to the new connections we’ll make and the potential partners we’ll meet as we continue to spread the word that an alternative lending solution for Canadian farm loans is finally here.


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