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How Do We Define Success at Glengarry?

Perhaps counterintuitively, at Glengarry, a successful relationship is defined when the borrowing relationship comes to an end. How the borrower leaves us at the end of the term determines if we have kept our word. And already in our short history, we have done exactly that.

When a farmer has financial challenges, the issue goes beyond ‘numbers on paper’. Not only can this put the business at risk, but the family home, legacy, and the next generation taking over the business as well. Our philosophy at Glengarry is lending to improve the position of a farm, and not to just defer a problem. When we say “return to bankable”, behind the scenes we work strategically with our clients to improve their net worth, cash flow, and repair credit. At the end of term, when a borrower can return to their bank or credit union in good standing, we have done our job, and we consider that a win for everyone!

As Glengarry celebrates its second anniversary, we are proud to announce that we continue to accomplish our mission of helping Canadian farmers who are experiencing temporary financial challenges. To date, we have been fully repaid on a third of the loans we have extended, with the majority of our borrowers returning to a prime banking relationship. This means a few things: It means that we lend prudently, and that our underwriting approach works. It also means that we are providing the right advice when we advise our borrowers. And it means that our investors are happy! Most of all though, it means our borrowers can get back to the business of profitable farming and focus their attention on the farm legacy they are building for their families.

When you have funding created by farmers, for farmers, everybody wins! Now that’s what we call success!

Are you a farmer interested in learning more about our farm financing solutions in Ontario and Western Canada? Fill out a quick online application today to get started.


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